As we’ve been gearing up to Launch the GeoCommons’ Finder! at Where 2.0 there has been a chance to talk to several of the other folks presenting. Many are exciting concepts and I’m looking forward to seeing the presentations. A few we are particularly eager for:

Monday will have some solid tutorial and look forward to sitting in on Steve, Mikel and Andrew’s presentation on how to “Geo-ify Your Web Site”. All three have been very successful and clever with democratizing geospatial technology to the masses, and it will be fun to see what is next for bringing more geo to more web pages. For the second session I’m looking forward to seeing the Open Geo-Stack and seeing the latest from Chris Holmes and company.

Tuesday will be an interesting mix of big players, start ups and academics. On the big player tip seeing the differentiation between the Google and Microsoft presentations will be fun. Both are going to be talking about where the GeoWeb is going and look forward to looking for the similarities and differences.

In the start up category Adrien Holovaty’s presentation on Everyblock should be top notch. The implementation for Everyblock definitely pushes the limits of data aggregation and what can be done with an opengeo stack. His thoughts on where it goes next will be a great starting point for the conference. Also the afternoon pairing of Everyscape and Earthmine, a presentation apart, will make for an interesting contrast on how the two immersive 3D streetscape companies compare.

From the titles it looks like Everyscape will differentiate based on their ability to provide 3D navigable interiors of building while Earthmine looks to be focusing on indexing data in these 3D environments. Both are very cool, but the bigger question is will Google and Microsoft duplicate or acquire. Could be a great opportunity or a quickly crowded space.

In the academic category I’m very up for seeing Paul Torrens’ latest. We were both geography grad students at the same time in related fields and it has been great seeing his work evolve. It is definitely cutting edge and illustrative of where the potential of geospatial technologies is headed. Encourage all to make sure they are in the room for this one.

Wednesday has a little less glitz but still many interesting presentations on tap. Specifically I’ll be all ears for Jonathan Lowe’s presentation on his work with the geo aspects of Freebase and David Troy’s ideas for Both are approaching the open data issue but from opposite ends of the spectrum.

Jonathan will be looking at how to enable geo aspects of the massive amount of structured data in Freebase, while David will be looking at how to effectively harness small ephemeral location data leveraging mobile technologies. I had a chance to talk with both in the last few days and each is looking at leveraging open data to more effectively share it with the community, but from opposite tails of the data distribution.

Continuing the data theme there is another interesting pairing of talks with Lior Ron of Google and Juan Gonzalez of PlanetEye, both talking about the indexing of geo-content. Lior gave a great presentation on Google’s approach at Location Intelligence and look forward to seeing what PlanetEye’s new approach is to indexing KML and more.

From a very selfish perspective I’m hoping to see a trend emerging at the conference driving more open data and more sharing of that open data. Hopefully this will enable the need for data federation/sharing and consensus among the community on how best to go about it.


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