Health officials from across the world are currently monitoring swine flu outbreaks that are causing quite the international health scare. Mexico, which appears to be the source of the outbreak, has been hit hard with over 80 deaths and several hundreds hospitalized. Now countries around the world are preparing to fight off any possible swine flu epidemic.

We decided to look at the data ourselves and see if we could use Finder! and Maker! to show areas around the world that have been affected and areas that might be prone to the outbreak.

The map below shows areas that have been affected along with an interactive timeline. (click on the map and hit the timeline icon, little clock in the top right corner, to view the interactive timeline). Map updated with layer of ‘Possible Cases of Swine Influenza’ Tuesday, April 28th, 2009.

Maker.load_map(“maker_map_149″, “149”);

This map shows what certain countries around the world are doing to avoid the outbreak to spread throughout their country and the number of swine flu cases they have encountered. (link to the map in maker! is below the image)

This map shows the number of air traffic passengers between the US and Mexico during April of 2008. This map is important because several countries are finding that travelers to Mexico are returning back to their home country with possible swine flu symptoms.

How should we make sure that we do not catch the swine flu? It is easy to avoid if you take the right precautions. First, you will not get swine flu from consuming pork that is properly prepared. Swine Flu is a more prone to spread just like the spread of influenza itself. So to avoid this current outbreak be sure to wash your hands, avoid airports, and don’t plan on traveling to Mexico anytime soon.


We have updated and organized our Swine Flu Maps to a Dashboard which we hope will help keep the public more informed and up-to-date with the spread of the Swine Flu. Click Here to Visit the Swine Flu Dashboard

we’ve also added a map showing the diffusion of the disease via air traffic throughout the USA and Mexico, shown here. more updates to come.


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  3. Steve says:

    Do you have a map that can leave a datapoint “lit” as you move through the animation. That would be “best evah”
    What I am looking for would be a version of animation that jumps from one datapoint to the next in chronological sequence. What I would like to see is a blank map then display and memorialize each data point by leaving it on the map. Anyone seen anything like that? Thanks.

  4. Sean Gorman says:

    Hi Steve,

    Appreciate the feedback and that is a great idea for additional functionality. This is a prototype temporal tool and we’ll have something more well refined soon.


  5. patrick Larrieu says:

    There is always a solution to a problem.The infestation appears to geo-carriers similar to birds,they are humans.Are there specific degrees of temps are environmental conditions which exist in nature creating a curative solution.Can the infestation be a cause and effect which destroyed 10 million plus mayans and could this be from an excavation of site in anthro/archlog did in Mexico?Remember Carter in Egypt and the unleashing of a potent virus circa 1920.

  6. Sonya says:

    Extra information… Fort Worth Independent School District (Texas) has closed all of its schools until May 11th at least.

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  8. Sean Gorman says:

    Hi Sonya,

    Thanks for the extra info. You can find school closings across the country here:

    California School Closings due to Swine Flu, April 2009 =

    Texas School Closings due to Swine Flu, April 2009 =

    School Closings in NY, MI, OH, AZ due to Swine Flu, April 2009

  9. danikia says:

    i hope scientist get a cure for this

  10. vito says:

    A very good swine flu dashboard is at:

    I particulary like the fact that you can import both timeline and heatmap as iGoogle gadget.

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  13. Verification is awaited late today for the first event of to human being someone transportation of swine influenza in the UK. It is believed to be a acquaintance of Lain and Dawn Askham, who were the first affirmed victims in Great Britain and they met after their return from honeymoon in Mexico. at first the man was discharged but after his symptoms continued he was re tested and was ascertained to be suffering from Type A flu. Tests are still ongoing but are likely to confirm swine influenza. This instantly takes the aggregate number of swine flu sufferers in the UK to 8 -that’s 6 in England 2 in Scotland but thus far no deaths.