The Iranian election is clearly the hot topic in the news today, but its also showing the power of social media and the openness of the internet and web based tools once again. Even major mainstream news media outlets such as CNN are relying on Twitter and Facebook to help get information across the borders after Iranian officials shut down access to newspapers and internet. To follow the newsfeeds on Twitter search for the #IranElection tag which will keep up aware of everything as its happening. other interesting conversations are going on about the validity of the election.

We’ve added a map into the social media mix showing the ‘official election results‘ from the Iranian Interior Ministry, will be interested to see where the results change after a possible recount.

#maker_map_6081 {width: 100%; height: 400px;}

Maker.load_map(“maker_map_6081″, “6081”);

make your own maps with this and related election data here. This includes vote counts for the other officials, not to mention the number of valid and invalid votes per district.

If anyone has any data that they would like to see mapped, leave a link in the comments section and we’ll do the work for you, to help get the word out.


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