With the passing of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett this past week, we wanted to pay tribute the best way we knew how; with a map. This map shows an index of Google searches for the late celebrities, the higher the number the more searches from that state. Interestingly enough, Searches for Michael Jackson seem to be coming from the most heavily populated states, but Farrah Fawcetts’ fans seem to be located in the southern states. Click the eyeball icon to turn layers on and off:

#maker_map_6385 {width: 100%; height: 400px;}

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Maker.load_map(“maker_map_6385″, “6385″);

I’ll leave you with my favorite Michael Jackson video, Enjoy!


2 Responses to Data Set of the Day: Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett

  1. Julie Bretzman says:

    A somberness fell upon the Earth one day
    When an Angel and a King departed us.
    is the unforgettable smile of the Angel,
    is the unrivaled talent of the King.
    It has been told in many of song
    That only the good die young;
    How true that becomes
    In circumstances as these
    As we say our farewells
    To the Angel and the King.
    But now as we grasp the absence and the memories
    Of these two unforgettable souls,
    We should surrender the pain
    With knowing they now rest peacefully
    In the Heavens where there is hope to unite again.
    After all is said and done
    And the world still turns,
    And the wind still blows,
    The clouds, however, forevermore whisper
    The memorable melodies of the fallen Angel and King.

  2. all of my family member love Michael Jackson, he is one of the best pop stars in the music industry and i would say he is the one and only king of pop`