27d97_oscon2011_speaking_150x150.gifNext week, Chris and I will be trekking out to Portland, Oregon for the convergence that is known as OSCON (Open-Source Convention).

I’m speaking on day one at OSCON Data on Playful Explorations of Public and Personal Data. Open Data has become commonly available and the tools to connect it with our social media, travels, location, family, and even businesses are opening new insights. I’ll talk about a few fun projects we’re doing with GeoCommons as well as some really great community contributions that are delightful. I’ll also share some examples of how busineses are using open data to answer key business questions that weren’t possible before.

On Wednesday Chris is speaking about Open Geospatial Libraries for Ruby. We use a lot of open-source tools to build GeoIQ and integrate with other libraries. Chris will point out how developers can build their own maps, data sharing, and analysis quickly with some of these open-source tools.

If you’re at OSCON, or just in Portland in general, and you want to meetup – make sure to drop us a line to @ajturner or @cwhelm.


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