Next week some of the GeoIQ team will be presenting and attending at the Free and Open Source Software for GeoSpatial (FOSS4G) conference in Denver, CO. The conference looks like it’s shaping up to be a great one. There are some really amazing talks planned and a great list of attendees. There are around ~850 registered attendees which makes it the largest FOSS4G ever! This is great news for the geo-spatial industry in general.

Through out the conference you’ll see 3 official presentations by GeoIQ staffers plus, I’m sure, several great opportunities for some hallways tracks and other chances to discuss geo-goodness with the team (read: over beers!). Officially we have one workshop, one panel, and one tutorial that we’re leading/participating in at the conference. Here’s a quick glance at what you’ll see from us:

On Tuesday (September 13, 2011) I’ll be giving a deep dive workshop into Node.js and Polymaps. The workshop is about 3 seats away from selling out at 50 people, and is a great chance get your hands dirty with some new technologies. We’ll go through how develop web apps using Node.js and explore some of the finer points of writing Javascript on the server side. Next we’ll dive into some Polymaps, the library we’re using for our javascript mapping interface. Polymaps is something I wanted to present as a break from some of the other mapping frameworks that have a large presence at FOSS4G. It’s going to be fun to show how Polymaps leverages HTML5 and CSS3 capabilities while providing a fast and light-weight mapping solution. Finally we’ll merge the two and explore how to create a full Javascript based application that communicates via web sockets! Awesome stuff.

Also on Tuesday (September 13, 2011) Andrew Turner will be sitting on a panel with a serious awesome list of panelists called: Case Studies, and The Business of Open Source. The panel will be a great chance to hear some of the thought leaders in the open source industry discuss everything from making money to location-based applications and upcoming themes in the industry. I for one am rather disappointed that my workshop is at the same time as this is not a panel worth missing.

Last, but most certainly not least, Tim “Chippy” Waters will be giving a tutorial session on Open Collaborative Real-Time Analytics on the Web. on Friday (September 16, 2011). This is going to be fun. He’ll be giving a seriously in-depth tutorial on how GeoCommons, and the open tools we’re using in it, are changing the game of web-based geo-spatial collaboration. Chippy will walk attendees through some of the new geo-processing tools in GeoCommons and show how to go about publishing and sharing meaningful results on the web. He’ll discuss ways to take large datasets and merge and refine into powerful dataset all within GeoCommons for free.

Seriously this conference will rock! We’re really looking forward to meeting plenty of new faces and old ones alike. If you’re around for FOSS4G and see one of us please come us and say hi!


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